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MUMUSO promotes the brand design strategy, and start a new journey of the brand construction


In Sep.14th, 2018, MUMUSO achieved the strategy partner relation with the global well-known brand consulting management company, which marks a new era of the MUMUSO brand upgrading.

Setting up in year 2014, MUMUSO has fastly expanded to more than 30 countries and regions with near 600 stores relying on the rich retail experience and the advantage of resources adjustment.

The Chairman of MUMUSO made a speech of the cooperation

Striving to provide the products with high quality and rational price, MUMUSO advocates to bring the Lohas lifestyle to young people. To achieve the goal, MUMUSO constantly improves the product design and the shopping experience, and strives to form a new retail format model that is customer-oriented, data-driven and design-oriented. MUMUSO keeps progressing towards the digital new retail mode.

Strategic partner introduced the cooperation project

With the constant innovation of new retail formats, mining high recognizable image of the brand characteristics is the key to stand out. Through the brand strategy cooperation, MUMUSO will achieve a clear brand image to grasp the core competitiveness in the new retail market. Through the professional brand management integration program, MUMUSO would like to convey the light life philosophy and the outstanding product design aesthetics to the target users.

Group photo of both parities

Whether the upgrade of brand image, or the pursuit of product innovation, they both aims to achieve the ambitious goal of “ Where there are young people, there is MUMUSO”. The continuous change and breakthrough of brand are the important parts for the MUMUSO brand construction. In the future, MUMUSO will adhere to uphold the “Trust, Win-win, Hope and Persistence”cultural value, and build a complete industrial chain with global strategic partners. With the constantly improvement of the consumption experience, MUMUSO will create a new era of MUMUSO brand with all the global strategic partners.

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