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Successful launching in Indonesia, further development in Southeast Asia MUMUSO Grand Opening in Bandung


Good news for Indonesian consumers! MUMUSO first brand shop successfully opened on 17th February in Bandung, Indonesia. Following Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, MUMUSO finally launched in Indonesia and deeply develop Southeast Asia market.

Bandung is the third largest city of Indonesia. It is known as “Little Oriental Paris”because of its unique Architecture and Culture and attracts amount of tourists.MUMUSO first brand store locates in 23 Paskal Shopping Center. 23 Paskal Shopping Center is in the center of Paskal Hypersquare area, surrounding by Yellow Hotel, Bina Nusantara University and University of Creative Technology. It is the symbol of latest modern lifestyle in Bandung.


MUMUSO brand store locates on 3F in 23 Paskal Shopping Center. The famous artist, Mr. Lee Jeong Hoon appeared on the opening ceremony and attract amounts of fans and consumers.

Mr. Lee Jeong Hoon said it was his honor to be the guest of MUMUSO opening ceremony. He thought Indonesia is a historical country and has high acceptance of foreign culture, its a good platform for MUMUSO’s overseas development. In the meanwhile, MUMUSO’s concept “Fashion, Pure, Nature”will be popular with consumers.

On opening ceremony, many consumers expressed their affection of MUMUSO brand store’s  natural decoration style and cost-effective  products. Many products were sold out just in three hours.

MUMUSO enjoys a high reputation in Southeast Asia because of its unique brand concept and good insight of consumer demands. MUMUSO dedicates to provide product with low price but high quality. And in the meanwhile, MUMUSO keeps product innovations according to different consumer habits of different areas. MUMUSO pursuits to have more and more consumers enjoy leisure and pleasant shopping experience in MUMUSO stores . 

The successful grand opening of MUMUSO indonesia market symbolized a good beginning and further development in 2018. MUMUSO will keep sharing“Fashion, Pure, Nature” lifestyle with more consumers all over the world.

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