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MUMUSO has officially signed the contract with the Chilestrategic partner, which accelerates the expansion of the South American market


       On July 10, 2019, MUMUSO officially signed thestrategic contract with our Chile partner. This marks that MUMUSO keeps accelerating the pace of expansion of the South American market, and expanding the global business territory.
       Chile is a relatively developed country in South America. Chile people are generally educated and have a high quality of life and international vision. MUMUSO, as a famous fashion and lifestylebrand, enjoys a wide reputation in the world, and its "easy and happy life" life attitude is also in line with Chile people's yearning for life.

       After personally experiencing many MUMUSO products, our Chile partner agrees that they are very optimistic about the future development of MUMUSO brand after it entered the Chile market. Firstly, MUMUSO has a wide variety of commodities, which can meet people’s daily needs in a one-stop manner. Secondly, MUMUSO products are priced much more modestly than similarly high-quality local equivalents. It is believed that MUMUSO, with the above advantages, can become a new fashion shopping choice for all Chile people.
       With the steady increase of Chile's population year by year, consumer groups' demand for daily necessities will also continue to rise. There is no doubt that the arrival of MUMUSO will bring a fresh and natural Asian fashion wind to Chilean people. Where there are young people there are MUMUSO, young Chileans, are you ready?
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