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MUMUSO has officially signed the Spain market contract with world-class retail group, continues to explore the European market


On May 7, 2019, MUMUSO has officially signed a strategic cooperation contract with BFL Group Retail Limited and announced the store opening planin Spain. From this year, MUMUSO will officially enter Spanish cities and regions in a large scale to bring high-quality daily commodities with affordable price to local consumers.


MUMUSO has made inroads into the international market in recent years. Before entering into Spain, it has already set up stores in more than 30 countries and regions, including the United States, Australia, Dubai, Russia, Peru and Vietnam, and has gained wide popularity on the world stage. Theopening plan in Spain is the further exploration of the European market, which hopes to radiate the surrounding countries through Spain and prepare for the brand's full penetration into Europe.

Spanish people are enthusiastic and unrestrained, while MUMUSO also advocates simple and nature.Full of design sense and interesting commodities are produced to reduce the heavy burden of life and increase happiness.

MUMUSO recognizesthat the needs from all around the globe would be different sometimes. Therefore, MUMUSO has different priorities inproduction and distribution, striving to meet the preferences of local consumers in every country. What has changed is the product category, while what remains unchanged is theproduct quality and thoughtful service. No matter which MUMUSO store you walk intoin the world, you can enjoy the same comfortable shopping experience.

Wherever there are young people, there is MUMUSO. We are looking forward to the wonderful spark between MUMUSO and the Spanish young people.
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