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MUMUSO successfully entered European market, Maltese enjoyed opening ceremony



At 6pm local time on March 22nd,MUMUSO has opened the very first store in Europe, which locates in Sliema, Malta.



On the opening day, the crowd was very busy. Every customer who came to MUMUSO was greeted with champagne by the enthusiastic staffs. The surprise came after the Maltese owner of MUMUSO, who stated that "We had no special guests, and every guest who comes to MUMUSO deserves the highest standard of treatment."








As the central town of shopping in Malta, Sliema is full of modern buildings, famous brands of clothing and catering. On sunny days, tourists from all around the globewould lounge in coastal cafes, watching the Mediterranean sun rise and set. "Our life is simple and with quality, and we enjoy this simple and pure happiness," says a Sliemaresident.






As a lifestyle brand focusing on youth and fashion, MUMUSO always advocates the lifestyle of "living with ease", which coincides with the attitude of the Maltese.Andit is also an important reason that MUMUSO chose Malta as the first stop in Europe. The enthusiastic response of the opening ceremony also indicates that MUMUSO will set off a wave of relaxed and happy life in Europe.




Reliable quality and affordable price are the consumption demands of young people around the world, which is also the core advantage of MUMUSO commodities. So far, MUMUSO has been successfully settled in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. From Asia to Oceania, America and Europe, MUMUSO is taking solid steps to firmly implement the strategic goal of global expansion.

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