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Hibiscus Life 2016 Team Outdoor Development Light Experience


MUMUSO (Hibiscus Hibiscus life) continues to grow, in less than two years, with a vigorous development attitude, strong brand impression, rapid pace of development to follow the pace of globalization, more than 300 stores are now developing. The same piece of iron can be sawed and destroyed, or made into steel; the same team can do nothing, or have a lot to do.
On Dec. 4, 2016, MUMUSO FAMILY launched a unique outdoor team outdoor outdoor outdoor outdoor activities, which not only enhanced the emotional communication between members, but also reproduced the style and vitality of Hibiscus family.
In the morning, MUMUMUSO FAMILY came to Qianxiaoju Creative Farm in Changxing Island, near the source of Qingcaosha, and had a day of zero-distance contact with nature. The water and soil are abundant, the Metasequoia trees are shaded, the wild flowers are clustered, and the 100 mu orange orchard is full of fruits. Sometimes wild duck and egret are seen resting in the forest on the water surface. In the comfortable environment, we also start a day of slow rhythm and light experience!
It's not sunny and it's cool, but it can't stop everyone's enthusiasm. It's also a pleasure to go to the park. It's a pleasure to go for a walk in the yard, feed animals, make flowers and plants, and give yourself a deep breath. Walking to the orchard from time to time to see "an autumn orange out of the wall", to let the small partners happy blossom. Others are fishing in fishponds, enjoying themselves, or going to flower gardens, lingering and forgetting to return, or recording memories with cameras all the way.
At noon BBQ, everybody is in full swing. "Light clothes go to battle". Some are hula-hugging with food, some are advantageous to wear string, some are actively displaying crafts, some are responsible for seasoning, others are busy setting dishes, of course, not to mention "buried in bitter eating"... One by one is orderly, and you and I come and go between departments. After this meal, they really open their hearts to each other.
At 2:00 p.m., team activities began ~running finger-pressing, tug-of-war events emerged in an endless stream, and the chairman and general manager could not help but join them. During the contest of various projects, the four teams made every effort to strengthen the understanding and communication ability among colleagues through team formation, demonstration and integration, enhance the spirit of creating excellent teams, learn in practice, change in experiential learning, benefit a lot, and truly feel the joy and excitement of success brought by dedication, cooperation and courage.

At 5 p.m., we staggered, pushed cups for a change. After a warm farm meal, we ended a happy day!
Although the activity is over, for every family member of MUMUSO, this outdoor development is not only a baptism, a culture, a spirit and a concept of transmission, but also a kind of thinking, an enlightenment... I believe that with the mutual support of each of us, Hibiscus life will have a broader future, the farther we go, the higher we fly!
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