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Enterprising and Creating Resplendor --- 2007 Hibiscus Hibis


Feb. 11, 2017 Lantern Festival, the annual MUMUMUSO Hibiscus Life Welcoming Party opens at Warner Style Hotel in Shanghai grandly! uuuuuuuuuuu
Golden monkeys yearn for the harvest year and smell chickens dancing to welcome the new spring.
As the theme of this annual meeting, MUMUUSO FAMILY from all over the world gathered together on this day to review the fruitful results achieved in 2016 and make a new outlook for 2017.

Before the beginning of the annual meeting, the handsome men and women of the MUMUMUSO family signed in orderly and took pictures in front of the signature wall. We have worked together with MUMUMUSO in the past year and will always be the strong backing of MUMUSO in the future.
With the shining stage lights, the host is also pretending to be on stage.
The banquet hall was full of seats and the annual meeting officially opened.
Create a World Together
2016 is a year full of changes, challenges but also opportunities. All the brilliance and achievements we have achieved in this year are indispensable to every excellent employee, but also to a wise and visionary pilot.
Mr. Ye Jianzhong, the chairman of MUMUSO Hibiscus Life, gave an opening speech to sum up the growth of the past year, and also made an excellent outlook for 2017.
Mr. Xia Chunlei, Vice President of MUMUSO, also introduced the new member of the 2017 MUMUMUSO family, "MUMUMU FAMILY". These six Emoji official expression dolls will be fully released in 2017. The future growth of MUMUMUSO will not only expand the overseas market, but also have a new journey at home. We are making continuous efforts for the development of Hibiscus life collectivization.
Enthusiasm and splendor
MUMUSO's family carefully prepared a visual feast after another, indulging in Carnival of talent, so that everyone in the New Year's celebration at the same time, but also rekindled the fighting spirit and passion.
Laser Phantom-Ballet
Laser Drum-Encouragement
Chicken and Chicken - Dance
Drum spreading
Jazz Umbrella Dance
Never forget to cherish heroes at the beginning


At this annual meeting, various awards came in succession. This is the principle that MUMUMUSO Hibiscus life always upholds to praise excellence and encourage advanced. Families who have made outstanding contributions in the past year have been awarded many awards such as "Best Excellent Employee", "Best Supervisor", "Best Manager" and "Best Supervisor".

Congratulations to the heroes of the MUMUMUSO family. MuMUSO will blossom with you on the way to the future.

Lucky Draw Banquet
There are 60 lucky prizes, 12 third-class prizes, 5 second-class prizes and 1 first-class prize. Cash prizes are emerging in an endless stream. The number and magnificence of cash prizes are really a new realm. The MUMUSO family has a large number of lucky children born on this day!
Hand in hand, sing and drink
In everyone's laughter
The 2017 MuMUSO Hibiscus Annual Meeting of Life has come to a successful conclusion
May new and wonderful experiences accompany the arrival of 2017
Bring infinite expectations and expectations to the MUMUMUSO family
Meet the Beautiful Oneself in 2017
Let's get together.
Keep forging ahead and create brilliance again
The nation remains mobilized for brand new endeavors.
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