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Promoting Three Years'Dream and Voyage --- 2008 Hibiscus Liv


On March 2, 2018, Hibiscus families gathered to celebrate the Lantern Festival. Live laughter and song, its joy.

At the beginning of the reception, Mr. Ye Jianzhong, chairman of MUMUSO Hibiscus Life, extended a warm welcome to all guests and hibiscus families and sincere wishes for the New Year.
Mr. Xia Chunlei, CEO of MUMUMUSO Hibiscus Life, reviewed the achievements of Hibiscus life in 2017, and elaborated on the goals to be achieved in the hibiscus life in 2018 and the plan for 2022.
Overseas team of MUMUMUSO from more than 20 countries around the world sent warm wishes for the Spring Festival.
MUMUSO Hibiscus life praised excellent employees and stores, and affirmed everyone's hard work in the past year.

Dinner shows are so exciting that people can't catch sight of them. MUMUSO Hibiscus life of small partners singing and dancing, show talent. The self-directed programs compiled by various departments won full applause. Waves of Wechat random lottery activities, but also to the climax of the dinner.

Just past 2017, is a year of MUMUSO Hibiscus life. With the strong support and joint efforts of colleagues and hibiscus people, MUMUSO Hibiscus life has made considerable and steady development. From MUMUUSO, which focuses on life retailing, to MUUSO FAMILY, which has independent IP, to MUMUUSO CAF, which is full of coffee fragrance, MUMUMUSO Hibiscus life's new retail industry matrix is becoming more and more perfect, and with abundant retail experience and resource integration advantages, it rapidly expands and quickly occupies key markets. By the end of 2017, MUMUSO Hibiscus has accumulated more than 500 stores in the world in just three years. It has realized the strategic development from taking root in Asia to laying out the whole world. So far, it has reached strategies with more than 20 countries and regions, such as Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Dubai, Turkey, Nepal and Azerbaijani. Cooperation, its brand concept and high-quality products across national boundaries have been widely recognized by global consumers. People can not only buy MUMUSO products with high value in the busy pedestrian street, but also feel comfortable and comfortable shopping experience in MUMUSO, such as Oriental Pearl, Wan Da, VINCOM, Lotte, VIVO and other landmark attractions and large stores.
In 2018, Hibiscus people will face more opportunities and challenges. While striving to achieve the target of 2018, we strive to achieve strategic cooperation with 70 countries in the world by 2022, and open 3,500 stores worldwide, with an estimated revenue of more than 15 billion yuan.
Don't forget to strive for breakthroughs in the first place, and concentrate on fighting against the world! MUMUSO 2017 is a fruitful result of the common struggle of all Hibiscus people. Looking back on 2017, we are proud and proud; looking forward to 2018, we are courageous to move forward!
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